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Bringing a souvenir of your trip has always been a habit, a tradition. This gift even took the name "souvenir".  

But, here too, we have not escaped globalization, most of the key rings, magnets, tote bags, berets and other souvenirs sold in France are made in Asia. The question of ecology and cultural integration arises for these "made in China" souvenirs sold to tourists in France..

Faced with the environmental emergency, we must adopt a more responsible and more sustainable approach.

But how to do it? Should we stop selling souvenirs, offering goodies and marketing gifts to our customers? 


With France By Lilly, I invite you to reinvent the world of souvenirs and gifts!


Whether you are a cultural, tourist or other professional site, I suggest you create the articles for your shop in your image in an artisanal and ecological way! 

Better yet, I offer you Upcycling; i.e. valuable recycling, which consists of recovering materials or products that you no longer use (such as the old hangings of a Chateau or an exhibition or even the curtains of a shop or hotel), in order to transform them into quality products for your shop.

And miraculously you can offer your customersloaded items stories in your image that make sense. Thus, you participate in fight againstoverproductionin the textile industry and all that it generates. I therefore suggest that you reduce the ecological impact of these products together by providing historical and cultural added value.

Isn't it wonderful!

An example of ecological souvenir gifts that have a real story 

Kit label de visite électronique .png

As part of the restoration of the Galerie du Logis, the Château de Chantilly entrusted the France By Lilly workshop with the recovery of old hangings and fabrics from the archives.

This collaboration gave birth to a collection of original limited edition objects sold exclusively in the Château's boutiques.

The unique opportunity to acquire a piece of history, and to contribute to an artisanal and local upcycling initiative, which supports the preservation of heritage.

They trusted us

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